Journey Among The Trees

Our Relic rucksack is reminiscent of a 19th Century army pack built with the highest quality material. Crazy Horse Leather is a top-grain leather that will be cherished and passed down for generations. This is one tough nut with two-ply extra wide straps to hold all your gear, clothes or even the weight of laptops and books. The seams are sewn or batten together with gunmetal alloy rivots, buckles and tuck-and-push stud fasteners. With a total "full" capacity of 1640 cu. in. or 1218 cu. in. "rolled" you won't be deprived of space. Top that off with a Twigs branded logo and Relic insignia embossed just for the sake of style. You'll love it till the cows come home. 

Natural Time Collection

Tailor Collection